Chuck Woodson
Chuck Woodson


From executive producing several movies, to back into college with hands stained in paint, Chuck’s life has pushed beyond the boundaries of normal. He’s thrown his passionate heart into every venture that he set his sights to. Throughout it all, he’s measured success not by monetary gain or awards but from the lessons learned.


Chuck has seen success and tasted the bitterness of failure. He’s received awards and served on more committees than he’d ever care to list. He knows the depths of financial ruin and has looked deep into hopelessness. And he hasn’t forgotten what it feels like when the darkness stares back.


But everything he’s been through couldn’t prepare him for the greatest test of his life, despite his tour in Vietnam and his decades of service in the U.S. Military. It happened when he and his daughter became co-caregivers trying to help heal his wife, diagnosed with cancer, using alternative methods. The journey challenged him at every corner and pushed him up to and over every line he’s ever drawn in the sand. Chuck’s daughter wrote a book about it.


Chuck said of the experience to help heal his wife, “Combat was easier.”


After the passing of his wife, Chuck decided to go back to college. On the suggestion of his daughter, he signed up for art classes. It was there he was introduced to painting and his hands haven’t been clean of colors since.

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